Our wines come in several ranges to suit all tastes. They are processed in our cellars with a know-how transmitted from generation to generation, combining this with modern methods using cutting edge facilities and materials.

The Special ReservesThe inescapables

Our Alsace Wines


Pale yellow colour with light greenish reflections. Fresh and fruity on the nose, hint of white peach notes. Fresh on the palate with nice flexibility and a rounded finish.

Food and Wine : Cold cuts, salads, quiches

75cL 6.60
Our Alsace Wines


Pale yellow colour. Fine on the nose, expressive, slightly floral. Expressive on the palate, floral, beautiful balance between sugar and acidity, pleasant.

Food and Wine : Simple dishes, salads, cold cuts.

75cL 6.50
Our Alsace Wines

Pinot Blanc

Yellow colour. Fresh on the nose, fruity with floral notes. Soft and fruity on the palate, with finesse of acidity.

Food and Wine : Omelettes, quiches, white meats, grills, cheeses.

75cL 7.00
Our Alsace Wines


Pale yellow colour. Typed on the nose, fresh, mineral. On the palate with an attack of freshness, good minerality, round lightweight end attack, expressive.

Food and Wine : Sauerkraut, veal stew, coq au Riesling, cheeses.

75cL 7.80
Our Alsace Wines


Pale yellow colour with light green hues. Sharp on the nose, typed, muscat. Typically dry on the palate, with a nice freshness, soft end in the mouth.

Food and Wine : Appetisers with kougelhof, asparagus, light cuisine: steamed vegetables.

75cL 7.50
Our Alsace Wines

Rosé d'Alsace

Pale pink with slightly salmon shades. Fresh on the nose, fruity, notes of small red fruits. Fruity on the palate with a crisp and fresh structure.

Food and Wine : Grills, barbecues.

75cL 7.60
Our Alsace Wines

Pinot Noir

Ruby red colour, brilliant. Notes of red berries of the nose : raspberries, currants. Balanced on the palate, fine, again with notes of red fruits. Tannins well integrated, supple finish.

Food and Wine : Cold meats, cold cuts, grilled vinades, oven grills.

75cL 8.50
Our Alsace Wines

Pinot Gris

Golden yellow colour. Fine on the nose, elegant, typical smoked notes of Pinot Gris. Elegant on the palate, good finesse. Long finish in the mouth.

Food and Wine : White and red meats: game, pork, risotto with mushrooms, cheeses.

75cL 8.30
Our Alsace Wines

Elsass red wine

Garnet red colour, gourmet nose with fruits and spices, round and supple on the palate and beautiful spicy power on the finish.

Food and Wine : Red meat, game, cheese

75cL 9.00

CuvéesOur specialties

Our Alsace Wines

Riesling - Cuvée Prestige

Pale yellow colour. Typed on the nose, fresh, mineral. Soft attack on the palate, good minerality, slightly round attack in the finish, expressive.

Food and Wine : Sauerkraut, white meat, coq au Riesling.

75cL 8.30
Our Alsace Wines

Gewurztraminer - Cuvée Prestige

Intense colour, yellow with golden highlights. Beautifully aromatic on the nose, floral (rose notes), spicy final tip. Beautifully ample on the palate, complex ; floral aromas supported by a nice freshness, exotic finish.

Food and Wine : World cuisine: Asian dishes, tagines, couscous, cheeses.

75cL 9.30
Our Alsace Wines

Gewurztraminer - Exceptional Cuvée

Yellow colour with golden highlights. Powerful on the nose, spicy notes, expressive. Ample on the palate, beautiful material, soft, spicy notes.

Food and Wine : Appetisers, desserts.

75cL 11.00
Our Alsace Wines

Gewurztraminer - Late Harvest

Intense beautiful golden yellow colour. Ripened notes on the nose, quince flavour, exotic fruits. Silky attack on the palate, nice balance. Finish with a beautiful material, good length.

Food and Wine : Foie gras, duck, parsley paste cheese.

75cL 18.00
Our Alsace Wines

Sylvaner - L'audacieux

Nez ouvert, fruité et légèrement citronné. La bouche est croquante et généreuse. Ce vin ample et rond a su garder une fraîcheur en fin de bouche.

Food and Wine : apéritif, asperges, sushis, volailles

75cL 7.00
Our Alsace Wines

Pinot Gris - L'Ambitieux

Nez aromatique et sur le fuit avec de jolies notes florales. Une pointe d’acidité en fin de bouche qui apporte de la fraîcheur.

Food and Wine : Apéritif , plats salés / sucrés, cuisine asiatique , fromages , desserts

75cL 10.00
Our Alsace Wines

Gewurztraminer L'Etincelle

Couleur dorée intense avec des reflets ambrés. Nez gourmand sur un mélange de fruits sec (abricot) et de notes fumées. Bouche fruitée avec des notes de pâte de coings. Une belle structure en bouche relevée par une pointe d'acidité en finale.

Food and Wine : Apéritif, plats salés/sucrés, cuisine asiatique, desserts

75cL 12.50


Our Alsace Wines

Crémant Blanc

Fine bubbles, pale yellow colour. Fruit aromas : like peach, pear. Nice balance in the mouth between freshness and fruitiness, nice mouthfeel.

Food and Wine : Appetisers, kougelhof, shellfish, raw or grilled fish.

75cL 9.70
Our Alsace Wines

Crémant Rosé

Pale pink colour. Notes of small red fruits. Fruity, with nice freshness and fine bubbles.

Food and Wine : Appetisers, desserts: strawberry pies, ice creams.

75cL 10.70