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Our history

Our history

A family estate

We are a family estate handed down from father to son, which owns 18 hectares of land covering the municipalities of Dambach-la-ville, Dieffenthal, Scherwiller and Chatenois.

Champagne origins

It's true that our name does not sound at all Alsatian !!

Our origins are partly Champenois and it was during the 1914-1918 war that Jean Pernet communicated with his "war godmother" (penfriend) Thérèse Zaepfell, who was later to become his wife.

Thérèse gave birth to Fernand Pernet who, with his wife Rose and son Ariel, was subsequently to develop the sale of bottled wine. The business is still mainly made up of individuals.

Our legacy from Father to Son

Today, Nicolas, who joined the operation in 2015 at the end of his wine studies, aims to honour the image of the Pernet house and promote its wines, both with his father's support and his own creative touch.

The estate is located in the heart of the village of Dambach-la-ville surrounded by ramparts ; the entrance to the old family farmhouse is adorned with fabulous vines that grow steadily year by year.

Wines are vinified in the family cellar and stored in a warehouse built in the '80s where bottles can be kept in a temperate environment throughout the year. It is thus conducive to the aging of wines.


An ancient wine-growing city

It is one of those charming villages that is little known to visitors. It presents itself as a beautiful uniform setting where one can discover half-timbered, Rennaisance or very flowery houses and beautiful fountains. The village is situated in a beautiful 470-hectare vineyard environment, one of the largest in Alsace, which can be characterised as a wine city.

Inhabited by over 2000 people, it lies 50 km from Strasbourg and 30 km from Colmar next to Sélestat.