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The Work on the Vine

The Work on the Vine

We attach special attention to work on the vine : it is all about a good quality grape before thinking about vinification.

We energise our soil ploughing through row ploughing, maintenance of green cover and the addition of organic fertiliser. What we seek is balance of the vine without inflicting stress. Above all, we are concerned about the well-being of the vine, which is why we are committed to respecting it in order to preserve it and, in turn, hand it down to future generations. Thus, we cultivate it in a reasoned fashion while limiting inputs.

  • In winter

    In winter

    A long growing season for vines and a long time for humans, this operation consists of select new woods to regenerate the vines and thus make them more sustainable over time. This is a difficult task because the harvest depends on the buds left on the woods.

  • In the sping

    In the sping

    Nature takes its course and leaves room to work the ground to aerate and loosen the soil, while encouraging development of the vine root to improve its capacity for capturing mineral elements. Cutting down weeds aims to avoid competition with the vine at the key stage of budding.

  • In summer

    In summer

    The vine begins to bloom, and this stage of flowering determines the potential harvest. It is then time to trellis (or green prune) the vine, that is to say, tie the branches to the trellising in order to encourage exposure of the foliage to the sun and thus enable better photosynthesis.

    This step will be followed by the trimming which involves cutting the ends of branches ; in specific cases we will simultaneously carry out leaf stripping in order to aerate the vine.

  • In autumn

    In autumn
    In autumn

    Harvest time when we seek the optimal maturity which is often a guarantee of quality. We then perform several checks in our plots, seeking a balance of sugar and acidity in the berries. The main challenge is to obtain a healthy grape and this is why the date of harvesting and climatic conditions will be decisive. At harvest time we will make lot selections for the production of our various vintages.

    After arrival of the grapes in the cellar, they are pressed directly for several hours and once the juice is out of the press it is put into vats and then left to rest for 24 hours while regulating it at a certain temperature. The next day it is decanted in order to separate the clear juice from deposits. It is then placed in fermentation.