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High Environmental Value Domain

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Organic Agriculture

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The Pernet & Fils wine estate is proud to announce its "High Environmental Value" certification !

The "HEV" label (High Environmental Value) is awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture and aims to reward a set of good agricultural practices that respect the environment. It is also a skills certificate which recognizes know-how of which we are proud.

To obtain this certificate, valid for 3 years, operators must comply with a set of specific criteria including:

  • protection of biodiversity
  • respect for the soil during fertilization
  • the low use of phytosanitary inputs and fertilizers.

The Alsace Pernet & Fils wine estate thus confirms its commitments to nature: more than our activity, it is our entire life that depends on the quality of our terroirs. It is therefore up to us to take care of it. It is also for this reason that we are starting to convert the estate to Organic Agriculture.